Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Patriotic Border

I love the new collection of Chipboard borders and knew instantly that I wanted to try a patriotic project with the Star Border #6107. It was so simple and turned out so cute that I just had to share it with you guys.
Chipboard Border #6107 (Star)
Fireworks 1 #358
Delta Acrylic Paint "Fire Red"
Small paintbrush
Blue Cardstock
Star Punch
6 small flat backed crystals

Begin by painting your border with "Fire Red". Painting directly onto the natural chipboard will give a darker, more rustic appearance. If you prefer a brighter red, first paint the chipboard with a solid coat of white. To achieve an even appearance try painting 2 light coats instead of one heavy coat and be careful with those brushstrokes, we don't want them to show. Acrylic paint dries quickly so take a moment to clean out your brush with some warm soapy water and pat dry.Next step is to prepare your small stars. Using your star punch and the blue cardstock punch out 6 stars for the border.
Attach the blue stars to the border using a small amount of adhesive. The border has a total of 13 chipboard stars, starting with the first apply a blue star on every other one except the center, where we'll place the fireworks.
Once the stars are attached, use a tiny amount of adhesive to attach the crystals to the center of the blue stars. Allow a minute or two to dry. Finally assemble the fireworks and attach to the center star of the border and (drum roll please) you're done!

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