Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Finally Fall!

Even here in Arizona the signs of Fall's arrival are unmistakeable! Throughout the valley school is in full swing, fall sports are starting up and of course apples and pumpkins are showing up on every corner! From here it feels like a non-stop rush to the end of the year; with Back to School, Fall Festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas right around the corner. Don't fear crafters...stick with us and we'll help you create projects and pages that will not only keep you ahead of schedule but even feeling like there's still time to enjoy it all! To start things off let's think about Back to School; each year our kids head to the classroom to meet new teachers, see old friends, share stories of "What I Did On My Summer Vacation", not to mention the shopping for new supplies and the ever important selection of the "First Day Outfit"! We hope you'll take a minute to check out all our latest School Products, everything from Elementary School basics to products to declare your School Pride or even to prepare you for Graduation. Remember what your teachers taught you and don't wait until the last minute to cram it all into your scrapbooks!

It's HALLOWEEN!! Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for this fun and spooky seasonal celebration! So when new products are designed with Halloween in mind I can hardly wait to share them with you...the hardest part is deciding which ones to tell you about first! You see it all depends on what you love about Halloween the most; is it Pumpkins, Skeletons, Spooky Houses, Black Cats and Flying Bats, or how about Trick or Treating until the sugar coma sets in?! It actually doesn't matter because WE HAVE IT ALL!! So heed my warning my pretties, it's best to just start at the beginning and work your way through all the Halloween Products, I'd hate to have to drop a house on your sister but I would!

Stick with me guys, I know it's long but we're getting there!
Fall's arrival also reminds us that Summer is definitely over, but we've come up with a new album design to help you remember all the wonderful details of that summer road trip! You have got to check out the new Licence Plate Albums...SO CUTE!! So far we are offering them for Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico. As if they weren't cute enough we've added chipboard "Frame Names" to let you personalize your album with some of the most popular destinations in each state! Combine them with some of our Scenic Die cuts for a truly stunning display!

Think Pink!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness's time to THINK PINK ladies! It's a great time to remember the importance of your health. Each year lives are saved through awareness, early diagnosis and through improved treatment techniques. Throughout the world people unite in the fight against Breast Cancer and we'd like to salute each and every one of you who has been touched by Breast Cancer in one way or another and for all who hope for a cure! We've created a special Survivor Ribbon Card, as well as a Chipboard Survivor Ribbon, and a Pink Die Cut Ribbon to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month, take care of yourselves know we love ya!

Okay, I hear you out there saying "Sarah...what about Christmas?" Well, here's the deal, we are going to knock your socks off, but I'm only going to give you a taste and then you'll just have to come back and see me me it's worth waiting for!

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