Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Nothing says Halloween to me like a lovingly carved Jack-O-Lantern! I fell completely in love with these new Pumpkin Faces the minute I saw them! Not only are there 10 fun designs to choose from, but they feature a wonderful combination of vibrant glittering orange paper, chipboard, and black cardstock! The best part is the new glitter paper, not only is the color beautiful with flawless coverage but the glitter actually stays on the paper! Whoo hoo! No more grocery shopping with glitter on my face! Okay, I'll admit that's happened more than once...and honestly it will probably happen again. Not only are they so cute you'll want a whole pumpkin patch full of these guys, you can put them together quicker than you can say "trick or treat"!One tip we found useful was to begin with the bottom cardstock layer, then put your dry adhesive (like a tape runner) on the back of the chipboard layer.
This will let you make sure you won't have adhesive showing through the openings. Lastly add the glittering layer in the same manner.
If you do happen to end up with sticky stuff showing through; I like to use a toothpick to clean out those tough to reach spots!
It should be pretty obvious that we've caught what I like to call the "Bling Bug"...add a little sparkle to something and watch it POP! Along with our glittering Pumpkin Faces we've also created a fan favorite for Halloween, the Black Cat, in glittering black paper as well as updating our Witch's Hat to include just a touch of purple sparkle.
Happy Halloween!

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